How will you do it? How will you make my business stand out from my competitors

Giving a potential customer the opportunity to recoup up to 100% of the purchase price of the product they have just bought or might buy from you, has to give them even more reason to choose your business over your rivals. An offer they can't afford to miss we think, making your sales peoples jobs much easier and putting your business head and shoulders above every one else. You are going to make a lot of new friends, not just customers.

Why will your system work?, People are often cynical.

Know what you mean, a classic British trait. However, deep down. people are also keen for a bargain, see how hard they push you for a discount. so if you can offer something incredible and be credible doing it, you are onto a winning formula. A win win situation

Why would a customer want a reward? They will most likely recommend anyway.

Good question! The answer's simple, if people do what they have always done; Recommend, then the extra reward part is just icing on the cake, as a Businesses you use the term Return on Investment-ROI- as a health check of your business. However a Return on Relationships-ROR-is an alternative term that can be used to describe the Investment made in Customers Relationships, the number of social network sites give you a clue to the direction people are thinking. You matter to them. They matter to you, That's why you need to say 'Thank you'. But to answer your question. Up to 100% of their money back! Are you serious? they will want it, we guarantee it. People are people the world over. Just watch your business grow because of it.

How will a customer know if your system is working? Do They just have to take your word for it?

No. They just log on to their www.irecommended.co.uk web site, click the "Check your progress button" then enter the pin number and password they were suppied, they are directed straight into their private information page. Each time a person who is linked to their recommendation tree becomes a customer they will see a record of their reward on a bar chart, plus see their recommendation tree grow. When the marketing target the business had set for them is reached, the tree matures. (We have added an extra surprise for them to celebrate their achievement.) We will notify them and your business at this point, and organise with you a very special celebration of their achievement after all it not every day someone gets back all the cost of a product they have purchased.


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