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Need More Customers is a brilliant concept, well thought out, well executed, although as always we still have to sell our concept to our respective potential clients. Brits are a bit cynical of anything out of the ordinary by default.

Firstly, what we do is not rocket science, not complicated, descriptions can make things complicated. The best ideas are always simple, so sales people must be reminded of the golden rule, KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) avoiding the robotic temptations of talk-a-thons that just hits the snooze button in buyers,

The days of hard closers and high pressure sales people, who we have all learnt to dislike, are disappearing fast, no longer tolerated in today's society. These days it is more about opinions of our clients along with value for money, service and care. 

We now have to learn how to be great presenters and even better listeners.

You will know well the banking/business term, ROI, (Return On Investment) the process that monitors the pulse of a business. It remains important as an overall health check of a business! However,a larger picture is emerging that ROR (Return On Relationships) are even more important. We are and always will be first and foremost in the people business, we must nurture our customers as life long friends, not as one off opportunists.

So basically what 'Need More Customers' intend to do as part of our service, is to go back to the good old days, back to basics of very honest customer care and suggest a way of selling that will have us respected by our customers.

Don't get us wrong, sales people still have to close, that's the essence of our jobs, that's why we are paid so well. 'Need More Customers' will teach or reintroduce the art of referral marketing to those not fortunate enough to know it's merits, one of the major ones being getting a customer out of the habit of uttering the dreaded words, 'We want think about it', which to most salespeople is just a polite way of saying 'No.' What they are really saying is you have not convinced them. You have certainly not created a paradigm shift.

The Art of success in selling is based around Enthusiasm and Empathy.

The last four letters of Enthusiasm IASM in our opinion represents  'I Am Sold Myself'. We feel sure you will be very impressed with the 'Need More Customers', 'IRecommended' concept, ethos, potential and training facilities. Let us show you an alternate SMART way to sell, How to generate endless very high quality sales enquiries. Be assured, we will do all we can to help you make your business even more successful. 


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