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Need More Customer's unique 'irecommended' branded marketing and loyalty system is unlike any seen before, which rewards customers for recommending others to be customers too. The reward, 'set by the business', would encourage customers to continue what they have always done, "Recommend," but this time, they will be rewarded in a special way for their loyalty.  A Sure Formula for Success.

'Need More Customers recognised that it was critical that a simple cost effective way was needed to find new customers and keep them, whilst assisting businesses to survive and grow in the current market place.

Our Lead Generation Process will make you stand out from your competitors and draw new customers to use your company above any other.

Advertising is expensive so our Branded Process will be a very welcome addition and probable replacement to the normal generally used expensive alternatives. By the time we have trained your sales people to be the very best they can be, we are sure you will be delighted to see what we have done for your business.

The whole system is managed by us but allows you, your salespeople and your customers, to access their specific sections of the easy to use on-line system, so ensuring all parties are motivated and continually proving the system is a huge success.    



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